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Coach Aaron Anzua

Chief Executive of Operations

Coach Anzua is the founder of the Dallas Raiders Baseball Club. Aaron Anzua graduated from Frisco High School in 2002 where he was a starting catcher as a Freshman. From there he just continued excelling and his passion for baseball began to grow more and more. He caught the attention of many different scouts and decided to further his baseball career by signing with Seminole State college, there he was a catcher and played middle infield. While at Seminole State College he was able to learn and take his baseball knowledge to another level. After 2 years at Seminole State he transferred to Lubbock Christian University where he was the starting catcher and finished his college baseball career there. After LCU Aaron went on to play Independent ball until getting hurt and being forced to end his baseball playing career. However, Aaron realized that he had a talent for coaching and could connect with his players in a unique and developmental way. He began to coach select baseball in the DFW metroplex, coaching different age groups from 7-18. Aaron currently is  coaching at Grapevine Faith Christian. He uses his expertise along with ability to relate to players in ways that has gained him much success as a coach along with recognition within the DFW area, winning many different tournaments such as Cooperstown, The Nationals Texas tournament and many more. He has over 15 years of coaching experience. 


Dallas Raiders Speed, Agility and Conditioning Program


Raiders Fall Specialty Training

Raiders teams from 11U on up will be receiving specialty training for the fall season once a week. The teams will work on baseball specific workouts ranging from strength, speed, agility, and conditioning.

All training will take place either outdoors at Oak Grove Ballfield Complex or indoor at Raiders Baseball Academy II (Southlake).

Training will begin the first week of September and will run through the last week of October for a total of 9 weeks.

Dallas Raiders Teams/Baseball Coaches:

Dallas Raiders (Grapevine/Southlake) - SPRING 2019

8U Raiders (AAA) kyle.yarbrough@dallasraiders.com

9U Raiders (Majors) admin@dallasraiders.com

10U Raiders (Majors) admin@dallasraiders.com

10U Raiders (AAA) victor.alvarado@dallasraiders.com

10U Raiders (AAA) taylor.tobias@dallaraiders.com

10U Raiders (AA) ryan.smith@dallasraiders.com

11U Raiders (AAA) brandon.brinkman@dallasraiders.com

11U Raiders (AA) chris.maffie@dallasraiders.com

11U Raiders-Elite (Majors) lale.esquivel@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders (AA) altie.jones@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders (AAA) alex.rodriguez@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders-Elite (Majors) lale.esquivel@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders-Elite (Majors) trent.kelley@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders (AAA) david.riddle@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders (AA) jimmy.martin@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders (AAA) admin@dallasraiders.com

14U Raiders (AAA) ed.taylor@dallasraiders.com

14U Raiders-Elite (Majors)  tim.anzaldua@dallasraiders.com

14U Raiders (AAA)  paulo.lagreca@dallasraiders.com

15U Raiders-2022  curtis.wilkerson@dallasraiders.com

15U Raiders-2020 altie.jones@dallasraiders.com

17U Raiders-2020 royce.holder@dallasraiders.com

Dallas Raiders (Arlington/Mansfield) - SPRING 2019

8U Raiders (AAA) alex.rodriguez@dallasraiders.com

9U Raiders (AAA) ronnie.duffer@dallasraiders.com

10U Raiders (AAA) david.meek@dallasraiders.com

11U Raiders (AAA) ronnie.duffer@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders (AAA) andre.howard@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders (AA) ronnie.duffer@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders (AAA) ronnie.duffer@dallasraiders.com


9U Raiders (AAA) juan.valle@dallasraiders.com

10U Raiders (AAA) juan.valle@dallasraiders.com

11U Raiders (AAA) juan.valle@dallasraiders.com

12U Raiders (AAA) juan.valle@dallasraiders.com

13U Raiders (Majors) david.salas@dallasraiders.com

14U Raiders (Majors) juan.valle@dallasraiders.com