What is the Raiders baseball philosophy?

We pride ourselves in development before anything. We believe winning is important, but should never supersede the main goal of each player, development. We believe that each player, regardless of skill level, should be dedicated, take pride in their craft, be disciplined and passionate about the game. We believe in placing each player on a team where they can be successful and develop the most. Not only do we take pride in our development as a player, but we pride ourselves in the communication and connection we have with our parents. We take communication with parents very strongly and passionately as we know that each parent must put in time and commitment to their player and the team as well. Our staff works hard at responding timely to emails, keeping schedules updated ahead of time, communicating any changes along with making sure each team runs as smooth as possible. Our owner, Aaron Anzua, is personable and loves to have in-person or phone conversations with each family on an as need basis. We are an open book and are always willing to take suggestions and opinions from parents and players. 


Are coaches paid, volunteer, or a mix?

Our head coaches are all paid coaches with some sort of baseball background (high school/college, minor/major league or previous coaching experience). Our assistant coaches (depending on the team) are either paid or are volunteer coaches. Just depends on the team and what the parent preference is on that team.


What kind of fees/costs are projected?

We do not have a set fee across the board for each team. We base fees off of what parents would like to do for the fall/spring season.


What about teams that would like to move over the the Raiders organization? Can they move over as a group? Do you assign your own coaches or can they keep their own coaches? 

We are always open to discussions regarding outside teams merging with the Raiders. We will take teams on a case-by-case basis to make sure it is a transition or move that best suits both parties. If you have a team and would like to discuss, please contact Aaron Anzua at 469-427-8149 or email at admin@dallasraiders.com. 


Can the team stay together the following season or does it turn into an open tryout?

Once again, we believe in the voice of the parents along with taking into consideration the voice of the head coach. If the majority of parents would like to stay together, we will do so and only host a tryout to fill any spots that may need to be filled, if the coach so desires. If there are no spots that need to be filled, we will leave the team as a whole with no tryout for that particular team. However, if the coach would like to host open tryouts, we will do so. 


Do Raiders coaches run games as well or just practices and then hand off the games to the parents?

Raiders coaches run practices AND games. We will never have a parent run a game. If for some reason the head coach has a last minute conflict, we will have a Raiders coach from within the organization step in to relieve the coach for that game.


What if we cannot afford to pay the complete fall/spring fee?

We offer multiple outlets for fundraising in order to help with fees along with payment plans for those that may need that as an option as well. We will work with you however we can in order to ensure your player has an opportunity to play.


For any further questions, please contact our Director of Operations, Lily Alvarado, at lily.alvarado@dallasraiders.com or 469-427-8149.